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Nicholas O’Brien and Lorcan Byrne Undertaking the Challenge of a Lifetime

Nicholas O’Brien and Lorcan Byrne have decided to cycle the length of Africa, over 12,000 kilometres (roughly 170 kilometres per day) to raise funds for KCCP and for Orphanage Orlindi in Namibia. They will travel through ten countries-Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. They set out on the 6th January 2019. It will take them between five and six months and they are undertaking this challenge in order to raise money for two charities. AND WHAT A CHALLENGE! The will travel on two bicycles with their entire belongings on the bikes (including a two-man tent). They will experience extreme heat, a rough terrain and at times the unavailability of clean water. They may also have issues with wild animals as they camp out. They will cycle continuously for six days, then taking a rest every seventh day.

The Katutura Project runs five centres in Namibia and they hope to visit all five. Half the money collected will go to one of these projects the ORPHANAGE ORLINDI. Known as the ‘place of safety’ it was established in 1995. Currently there are between 28 and 35 children under the age of eighteen living in the house. The Orlindi House of Safety attends to the problems of disadvantaged girls and boys. The children’s hostel defines itself as a temporary home with a familiar atmosphere. At the same time, great emphasis is put on nutrition, hygiene and education. The focus is also put on scholastic support as well as useful recreational activities. There are two house mothers in the hostel. It is the aim of Orlindi hostel, to prepare the children for their future life, to procure them a place in a surrogate family and to help them find a way into normal life again.


The other half of money donated will go to KILBARRACK COAST COMMUNITY PROGRAMME. As you may know this programme started in July 1997 and year on year the services have been expanded (with the help of the Health Services Executive and the Department of Social Protection) and now includes drugs and alcohol rehabilitation, the Reach-Out Project (which helps young people with cannabis issues), Youth Matters (providing a range of youth services), Community Counselling, Family Support, Parent and Toddler and much more. See

You can follow their adventures on Facebook “WHEN WE GO SOUTH” and if you wish to donate you can do it through:

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