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KCCP Continuing to Serve the Community

In this together

KCCP continues to offer vital services to the community.

Call (01) 832 4516

• One to one addiction support and referral services

- Case management

- Harm reduction

- Crisis intervention

• Counselling and support

- Self-harming & suicidal ideation

- Anxiety

- Depression

• Women’s recovery group

- Friday 7pm - 9pm

• Mental health and wellbeing support

- People who have been laid off work due to COVID-19

- People struggling with health issues

- Health promotion and social isolation

• Other services

- Referral to SASSY (substance use specific to youth)

- Home meal delivery and food hampers

- Family group support as per COVID-19 guidelines

- Youth services – one to one and group

Howth Sutton Lyons Club made a donation to KCCP to bring children from our Youth Services 'Youth Matters' horse riding.

(Presentation of the cheque from Howth Sutton Lions Club Management team to KCCP Management Committee)

List of useful websites

Government info on COVID

– Latest updates

– Public safety measures

– Tracker app

– Safety measures

– Social welfare advice

HSE info on COVID

Government data hub - National Statistics, Information & Data

COVID tracker app

Mental health support

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