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Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme has a multi-purpose, community centre in Kilbarrack, Dublin 5. Here, you get to connect with your peers, learn something new, expand your opportunities, all while having fun and learning new skills! With great services and facilities, children and adults alike can always find a new activity or expand their horizons.

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Recent Updates

At the Tip of Your Fingers

Reach Out Project wins prestigious 2017 National media awards for 18-22 year category 

May 1, 2017

The Reach out Project won the 18-22 category in the national media awards 2017. The winning video questioned the normalisation of alcohol use across the generations. How it is often used to mask or control emotions. How once the bottle is open it is hard to close. The award winning film Pandora's bottle explores these complex themes that effect families and the wider community in Ireland today.

In Albany New York - The 126ers

Reach Out Project gets runner up place in 2016 National media awards

May 1, 2016

A gritty social realism film that addresses the party lifestyle of the youth today. How one night of fun can have dramatic and a tragic outcome. This film came runner up in the national media awards 2016.

Kilbarrack's Ode to Banksy is accepted as a finalist in 5 International film festivals

March 1, 2017

This video is a tribute to the renowned street artist "Banksy" and a request for his help to take down a fence that has isolated the children in Kilbarrack from using the last safe outdoor space to play in. Kilbarrack is an under privileged area of Dublin, which doesn't even have one playground. The only safe play area was in an unused car park at the back of a community center in KCCP, which has now been fenced off to keep the children away.

It has been shown in Canada, the USA, Europe, the Middle East and India in a variety of well known International film festivals.

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General Programs and Services
Sunset Run

Reach Out Project (18-25yrs)

The Reach Out Project (Community Employment) - works with eighteen to twenty-five-year-old cannabis users and polysubstance drug users. Training and personal development are considered as essential parts of recovery (in the Reach-Out Project) with a particular emphasis being placed on improving physical and psychological well-being. The aim is to help people address their specific issues, whatever that may be, and help them re-integrate into the community and progress on to more fulfilling lives. 

KCCP/the Reach Out Project prides itself on helping young people become more adaptative to life's stressors by fostering a strong ethos on creative self-expression. The project does this by using art and video media as a platform for developing self-esteem and facilitating a sense of mastery. This material is used to "reach out" to the community, using peer to peer films and artwork, which is designed to challenge perceptions and educate the youth in the community. about drug use, psychological distress and generational issues of social importance.

Group of Friends Going on Excursion

Youth Matters (9-21yrs)

Youth Matters a Programme for Young People aged 9-21 years is committed to providing young people with a range of stimulating and varied activites presenting a drug free model of socialization. Age appropriate games and informal life skills teaching are an integral part of the programme. Activities include summer projects,trips away,fun days,talent contests, Halloween and Christmas parties and much more!! 

Counselling is available free of charge. Parental Consent is required for those who are under 18 years of age. 
Youth Matters is staffed by trained and experienced youth workers.


The group meets (Mon; 5pm-9pm) & (Tues, Wed, Thurs; 5pm to 8pm)

Restorer Using Scalpel

Adult Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

A structured, community based aftercare rehabilitation program. Providing education, training, personal development, counselling and support. KCCP recognises that recovery requires a diverse approach, to enable individuals to meet the challenges involved in recovering from drug & alcohol misuse.

Distanced Couple

Counselling & Referral Service

KCCP offers a counselling and referral service, open to everybody in the Kilbarrack community. A variety of counselling approaches are used to deal with a range of issues including anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction, etc. A referral service to HSE and other organisations is also provided.


Family Support Group

KCCP recognises that drug/alcohol use affects the whole family & community as well. KCCP offers a variety of supports to family members affected by drug/alcohol misuse. Offering information, advice and support. Drugs awareness & other courses, counselling and acupuncture. The group meets on a Wednesday at 8pm.